Rental and management of your house

Being the owner of a holiday home at Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer you decide how to use your holiday home. You can use it for private purposes, you can have it rented out, or maybe a combination of the two is best way for you. Dormio Holidays ensures the rental of your beach home in a professional and carefree way. 

Zoover ranking: 8,1

The holiday homes that have already been realised at Resort Berck-sur-Mer are rented out very successfully by Dormio Holidays. Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer has proven to be a very popular holiday destination and has been awarded with  an average ranking of 8.1 on comparison-website Zoover. The favourable layout and the unique location of the resort makes the difference!

Maintenance and technical management

In addition, Dormio Holidays also takes care of professional maintenance and technical management of the entire resort. There is supervision all around the resort, even when you are not present. This is how we can maintain the quality and safety at the resort while you and your tenants enjoy a nice holiday at your holiday home.


We are always there help you or inform. Wether it’s from our office in the Netherlands or in Berck-sur-Mer itself. We will always be your regular (Dutch-English-French-German speaking) point of contact.

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