Surroundings of Dormio Resort Les Portes du Grand Massif

Climbing the 4,810-metre Mont Blanc is the ultimate challenge for many mountaineers. This demanding two or three-day glacier climb up the highest mountain in the French Alps is only suitable for highly-trained mountaineers with glacier experience, accompanied by a guide. But what if you have less experience, but would nevertheless like to see the Mont Blanc from up close?

Mer De Glace En Montenvers Train

The best way to take a look at the Mont Blanc is using the famous Montenvers cog railway. It offers comfortable transport from the city of Chamonix to the magnificent valley glacier of Mer de Glace, France’s largest glacier, at an altitude of 1,913 metres. The views over the 7-kilometre long glacier are stunning. It lies on the north side of Mont Blanc; it has an average depth of 200 metres; and moves at 120 metres per year. It is, of course, also a magnificent place for hiking enthusiasts.

Village of samoëns

The historic centre of beautiful village of Samoëns is home to a number of interesting shops, restaurants and bars. The new Chariande Express chairlift takes you to the top of the Tête de Saix, the central peak of the Grand Massif area, in just 7 minutes.

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Surroundings of Dormio Resort Les Portes Du Grand Massif during the winter Surroundings of Dormio Resort Les Portes Du Grand Massif during the summer