Rental and management by Dormio Holidays

As the owner of an apartment at Dormio Resort Les Portes Du Mont Blanc, you are free to decide for yourself the way in which you want to use it. You can use your apartment for private purposes, have it rented out, or a combination of both. When you choose for (partial) rental, Dormio Holidays takes care of the rental of your apartment in a professional and carefree manner.

The vendor is Domaine de Vallorcine S.A.S., Société par Actions Simplifiées. Because the French tax authorities are also helping you as the owner of an apartment by allowing an annual depreciation of your apartment and inventory and by applying the mortgage interest deduction on second homes, an investment in Dormio Resort Les Portes Du Mont Blanc becomes even more appealing!

Maintenance and management
In addition, Dormio Holidays also takes care of the maintenance and technical management of the entire resort in a professional way. She provides supervision at and around the resort, also when you are not present. This way we maintain the quality and the safety of the resort, so you and your tenants can enjoy your stay without having to worry about anything.

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Zoover winning resorts

Dormio resorts have won multiple Zoover Awards through the years for best Holiday resort in Austria and Germany.
Zoover Award winner Dormio Holidays