Rental and management

Dormio Resort Maastricht offers excellent rental possibilities and an attractive return should you want to rent out your holiday home. Dormio Holidays takes care of the entire rental process for you. On the one hand, Dormio Holidays is seeking the collaboration with a number of (internationally) renowned travel operators and on the other hand, she also successfully rents out the holiday homes through her own channels, including Dormio Holidays. In this way, the best possible result is achieved for you, as the owner of a recreational home at Dormio Resort Maastricht.


Attractive return

By means of rental income you are able to earn back the costs of your holiday home and you will have, as said, an attractive return on your investment whereby a return of 6% is certainly possible. We like to refer to the attached rental prognoses indicated in the brochure. In short, Dormio Holidays takes away all your worries!


Maintenance and technical management

In addition, Dormio Holidays takes care of the maintenance and technical management of the entire resort in a professional manner. This includes, for example, staffing the reception, where you and your guests can go with possible questions, and key management. We further provide supervision at and around the resort, even when you are not present. By means of an annual management fee, all owners contribute to the provision of these services. This way it is guaranteed for the resort to maintain its quality and it allows you to enjoy your stay in your holiday home in a carefree manner. Dormio stands for ‘carefree living’ and that is what we demonstrate throughout our entire organisation.


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Dormio Resort Maastricht luxury holiday home for sale as a great investment