UNESCO World Heritage

Obertraun am Hallstättersee, the village in which your dream-villa is located, has more than 700 residents and is the perfect home base to scout the beautiful nature of the Dachstein massif.

Amazing view

There are numerous hiking routes to the top of the mountain the Krippenstein where you have an amazing view of Obertraun, Hallstatt and surroundings from the 5 Fingers panoramic platform (at a height of 2,108 metres). It is also possible to go up taking the Dachstein-Krippensteinbahn, a spacious panorama gondola, and to absorb the magical environment without too much effort. 

Legendary caves

Although Obertraun is small in size, it is large in fame because of the Koppenbrüllerhöhle and the special Mammuthöhle; for these belong to the largest and deepest caves in the world. In addition, Obertraun also has the Rieseneishöhle, a giant ice-cave where spectacular concerts and light shows are being held.


Obertraun has a ferry link across the beautiful Hallstättersee to the southwest shore of the lake where the picturesque and romantic village of Hallstatt is located. The village has more than 900 residents and the authentic wooden houses are built against the mountain. Some of the houses in the village are even still constructed on poles in the water. Until the end of the 19th century, the village could only be reached through the water. The salt and iron extraction in the mountains behind brought the village development and prosperity. A very poular touristic area!


The special cultural landscape Salzkammergut in the federal state of Oberösterreich is situated at approximately a one hour drive, east of Salzburg. Justifiably a special piece of Austria as this region has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1997 together with Hallstatt and Dachstein. A region rich of crystal-clear lakes in which the reflection of the surrounding mountains forms a breath-taking scene. The ‘salty’ past of the region has left its marks until the present day. The extraction of the ‘white gold’, or salt, in the region Salzburg, has provided enormous prosperity to the city of Salzburg. Many churches and palaces owe their existence to the proceeds of the large mine of Hallein. A visit to the impressive Salzburgwerk Dürnberg is certainly worth your while. It is one of the oldest salt mines in Europe and it is still functioning.

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