Villas and apartments

Worth the investment

You will definitely find very luxurious villas at Resort Eifeler Tor, you can take our word for it. These villas offer a high level of comfort, not only for you as the owner, but certainly also to make the home as attractive as possible for potential tenants. The layout and construction of the park is atmospheric and cosy.

Design villas and apartments

The villas are positioned towards each other in such a way that as much as possible view and privacy is offered. You can choose for a villa from 6 to 12 persons. Whichever one you choose, all villas are luxuriously designed and tastefully furnished for an optimal rental potential and optimal living enjoyment. All villas have two bathrooms. Certain types have a sauna and solarium and some of them even have their own wellness space.

The apartments are situated along the cosy promenade in one of the ten beautiful apartment buildings. You can choose for an apartment or a penthouse from four to ten persons. You will be able to enjoy the grandiose view the Eifel offers you from your apartment. All apartments are decorated in style for your own stay and the stay of the holiday makers. Certain types have a sauna and solarium or even a complete home wellness centre.

Architecture and construction style

The architecture oozes the atmosphere of the region. The characteristic gables were realised by craftsmanship and reflect the distinctive construction style of the district. The plinth (bottom of the home) is executed in a warm Ecopiedra quarried stone. The German atmosphere is not only reflected in appearances. The choice is also made for a solid, durable construction method that complies with the recent German construction requirements with regard to durability and energetic efficiency. Moreover, the construction is executed in accordance with a traditional construction method, as in ascending work in stone from the base of concrete floors. So, no methods such as a timber-frame structure.

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