What is Dormio card?

Dormio card is a free and contactless payment system which ensures convenience for everyone. It works the same as contactless payment with your debit card and replaces payments in cash. At Dormio Resort Maastricht you can only pay with Dormio card or your debit card, not with cash money.


How to use Dormio card?

With your check-in, Dormio cards can be picked up at reception, and can then be used for all payments at Dormio Resort Maastricht.


Taking the Dormio card into use

A username and security code are written on the Dormio card, with which you can log in on the myNetPay app or website. After logging in, a personal password can be set. In case of loss or theft, the Dormio card can be blocked with this password. After registering, a refund of your balance can also be requested.


The card can be topped up in the following ways

  • By using Cashpoint at the Food Court; this can only be done with banknotes
  • With Ideal transaction through the myNetPay app, to be downloaded in the Appstore or Google Play store
  • On the website https://dormio.mynetpay.nl/ with iDeal transaction.

The benefits of Dormio card

  • Domio card is completely free.
  • Dormio card can be used anywhere on the resort (apart from the bike rental), it guarantees a quick and easy payment.
  • A Dormio card is ideal to give your child(ren) some pocket money.
  • You can share the balance on the Dormio card with other users; via the app you can easily and quickly transfer an amount to another Dormio card.
  • The current balance and all transactions can be viewed on the app and the website. It is very easy to monitor your payments during your stay.
  • A ‘balance alert’ can be set; as soon as the balance on the Dormio card passes a pre-set threshold, a reminder is sent to you, and the card can be topped up straight away.
  • If the balance on the card is not fully used during your stay at Dormio Resort Maastricht, the remainder can easily be transferred back into your bank account. Regardless of the top-up method you have used to put credit on your card.
  • Instead of having the remaining balance transferred into your bank account, you can also reuse the Dormio card during another stay. The credit stays valid, so whenever you come back to Dormio Resort Maastricht, the remaining balance can be used. Of course, card can also be topped up again. Another reason to stay at our beautiful resort once more!
  • In case of loss or theft, the card can easily be blocked online. The card can also be unblocked this way, just as easy!

More information

Do you have any questions about the above instruction? You can contact us directly via the app. Of course, the staff at Dormio Resort Maastricht is always ready to answer your questions.