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The most beautiful beaches of Bonaire

An azure blue sea, white sandy beaches and tropical palm trees. Many visitors come to Bonaire to enjoy the amazing environment. The Caribbean island is the ultimate paradise on earth where the sun almost always shines. This tropical piece of the Netherlands is perfect for sun lovers, divers and snorkelers. During your stay in one of our apartments at Dormio Bonaire Village you obviously want to see everything this Leeward Island has to offer. The following beaches are definitely worth a visit during your vacation on the Caribbean island.

Small Bonaire

A visit to this uninhabited island should really not be missed while enjoying your holiday on Bonaire. This small island is located at a distance of 800 metres from the capital Kralendijk. It is a protected nature reserve where you can swim and dive. Small Bonaire is known for the white sandy beaches, large number of seahorses, the coral reef, the coloured fish and other sea life, including sea turtles.

Pink Beach

This piece of beach owes its name to the special deep-pink colour. This beach is very popular to go for a swim, to snorkel or to dive. The sandy beach ensures for you to be able to relax all day with the entire family. The temperature of the sea water is around 27/28 degrees throughout the year.

1000 steps beach

This beach has been given its unique name because it is quite a climb to get there. Thousand steps may be slightly exaggerated but it really is a bit of a walk. Yet, this beach is more than worth the climb. The underwater world is very well visible due to the clear sea. The sandy beach allows you to relax and enjoy the sun or a picnic.

Lac Bay

Lac Bay is a small, quiet bay with shallow water. The sea has a beautiful blue colour. Especially for surfers, this beach is a true must because it is one of the best surfing locations in the world.

Boka Slagbaai

The beautiful Boka Slagbaai is a small beach in the north-western point of Bonaire. It is an amazing location to snorkel and to dive as the sea is extremely clear. Besides that, the beautiful nature is amazing to watch. It is a sand/stone beach meaning it is less suitable for sun lovers.

Bachelor Beach

This beach is located at a short distance from our resort. Stairs lead you to a narrow piece of beach where you can enjoy the beautiful nature. The sea is suitable for swimming, snorkelling and diving. Only when the tide is high, the beach becomes more and more narrow.

Playa Funchi

The Playa Funchi beach is littered with small stones, so we recommend taking water shoes. Visitors of this beach do not usually come to sunbath, but to admire the many lizards and iguanas.

Donkey Beach

The wide sandy beach Donkey Beach is particularly popular among the local residents. The beach has a rocky coastline and is located close to the airport so this beach is an ideal location to spot airplanes.

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