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Why Bonaire?

An important advantage of the Leeward Islands is their location compared to the other Caribbean islands. The Leeward Islands are situated outside the hurricane route. The most important economical industries are tourism and salt extraction. Bonaire is known as one of the world’s most beautiful underwater reserves and is therefore very well loved by recreational divers. Visitors and local residents enjoy the reliable sunny climate, the clear warm ocean with its ring of coral reefs, and the large diversity of colourful fish.


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Dutch town

In addition, the island is well-known for its culinary possibilities (restaurants on Bonaire are always highly appreciated in the known diving magazines). As of 2010, Bonaire has become a type of Dutch Municipality (special public entity), with many associated benefits. For example, an improvement process with millions of investments has been established for education, public health, social security, safety and suchlike.

Bonaire and the Netherlands

Bonaire has its own tax system, but is an integral member of the Dutch governmental structure. As of 1 January 2011, the American dollar became the official currency of Bonaire. The time difference between the Netherlands and Bonaire (calculated from the Netherlands) is -5 hours in the winter and -6 hours during the summer time. Bonaire can easily be reached by airplane. There are multiple flights every day from the Netherlands, USA and Curacao. The direct flight time from the Netherlands is approximately 9.5 hours and the flight back even takes a bit less time.


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