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Enjoyment in a UNESCO World Heritage area

Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor is located near the Eifel town of Heimbach. A beautiful green region with its green forests and amazing hiking areas. Close to our resort, at only a 40 minutes drive, you can also find the castles of Brühl. These two special castles have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The UNESCO World Heritage treaty has been in place since 1972. This treaty is intended to be able to better preserve cultural and natural heritage, of unique and universal value for mankind, for future generations. Countries that have signed this treaty have agreed to commit to identification, protection, preservation, accessibility and to transfer cultural heritage within their country borders to generations to come.

Castle Augustusburg

The castle Augustusburg is the residence of the prince-archbishops of Cologne. Many famous artists in Europe have worked on its construction, including Balthasar Neumann; he designed an amazing staircase. This castle is a real highlight due to the architecture, sculpturing, paintings and park design. You will also be amazed by the astonishing painted ceiling.  

Hunting lodge Falkenlust

Hunting lodge Falkenlust is a manor built between 1729 and 1737 for Clemens August to practice falconry. This beautiful castle is known for its symmetry and the walls covered with shells and stones.

Falkenlust has two storeys, built in the style of a country house. On the first floor of this beautiful manor you will find an oval salon filled with improvisation, charm and freedom.

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