When do you want to go on holiday?

Animation at 't Hooge Holt


The animation team is present every weekend and during school holidays! Lots of different activities are being organised and we hope you will all come and join Guus and Gelien!

For the parents:
  • All the activities start at the Kids Club, unless indicated otherwise in the programme.
  • The animation team entertains but is not a babysitter.
  • Some activities are on the basis of notification. This can be done at the reception.
  • It may be the case that the animation team takes pictures during activities. Do you object to this? Please let us know on time.
  • All activities are free, unless indicated otherwise

Guus and Gelien

Guus and Gelien

Who are Guus, Gelien and Kwiebus?

Who is Kwiebus?

Kwiebus is stranded with his ship on the beach of a shallow bay on the Monkey Island.
He stayed to live here together with his monkey friends and they are having a great time.
Kwiebus has seen a lot of children play but they also leave at the end of every day. Kwiebus was curious to know what is going on outside the jungle and started to investigate. He became friends with Guus and Gelien and all the children at the park. At night he sleeps with his friends in the Mad Monkey jungle but during the day, he will often have a look at the park.

Characteristics Kwiebus:
• Enthusiastic
• Sweet
• Cuddly
• Smart

Guus & Gelien


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