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Dormio Investments specialises in the sale of high-quality holiday homes in the luxury segment and has been your trusted partner for investment in holiday property for 20 years. Our resorts are located in popular destinations and target a broad range of tourists. This means we can also achieve a high occupancy rate, so that you receive an attractive yield on your investment. Of course, as the owner of a holiday home, you can also enjoy your tangible investment yourself. Because of our versatile range of accommodation - including wellness, kid-friendly and multi-generation homes - there is something for everyone. All our resorts are unique, have their own identity and fit in with their natural environment. This variety means the needs of both the owners and guests of our holiday homes are met.

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Specialist in the sale of high-quality holiday homes in the luxury segment
Carefree investment that holds its value

Trouble-free and inflation-proof investment

At Dormio, you can count on expert advice on your purchase. You will be supported from start to finish, and we are happy to look at the investment options with you. As we are not only responsible for the development and completion of our projects but also for the management, letting and operation of each resort, we will support you all along and look after all your needs. This means Dormio is and remains the point of contact for owners of holiday homes.

One of the ways in which Dormio stands out is the high-quality building specifications of our holiday homes. We also use a long-term maintenance plan, which ensures that the quality of our resorts and hotels is preserved. This, in combination with the superb locations, will make your investment in a Dormio holiday home trouble free and inflation proof. The extensive facilities available at the resorts guarantee holiday fun for both owners and resort guests. All this means that you, as the owner, will receive an attractive yield by letting your tangible investment. Each month you will get a statement of the rent received, and the net profits will be paid.

Professional letting and management

During your absence, your holiday home will be let, managed and monitored professionally by Dormio Resorts & Hotels. We promise that we will take care of everything, so that you won’t have to worry about your investment and can enjoy it to the full. As we work together with both national and international tour operators and use our own resources, Dormio Resorts & Hotels is able to find suitable occupants. An important part of our success is our very targeted customer approach. Dormio Resorts & Hotels finds local or more distant customers who suit the resort, and it works with specific tour operators and distributors for each individual destination. In addition to letting, maintaining and monitoring your holiday home, this branch of Dormio Group makes sure that everything is prepared down to the smallest detail before your arrival. You, as the owner, can start enjoying your property immediately!

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Professional rental and management by Dormio Resorts & Hotels
Extensive options for use for holiday home owners at Dormio

Versatile potential

With Dormio you can invest in a holiday home as a supplement to your investment portfolio, for your own use or a combination of the two. We offer a hotel service of the highest standard, which means, for example, that you will find on arrival that your beds have been made. As the owner, it is up to you to decide your arrival date and the length of your stay. So you are not restricted by fixed periods or dates of arrival. It is also possible to make a last-minute booking for your holiday home. You can book your holiday home up to seven days before your arrival. If the accommodation is still available, you can use it yourself and still get your share from the rental income for the relevant period. You can simply book your stay by telephone or online, via the owners’ portal.

You can always contact Dormio’s Owners’ Service Desk with any questions you might have. During your stay, you can address your questions to the Resort Manager. We are always there to help you, to make sure you can enjoy a carefree stay. This is the standard at all the Dormio resorts and hotels!

Curious about the investment options?

Are you thinking about investing in your own holiday home at your favourite holiday destination? Perhaps as a supplement to your investment portfolio? Or as an alternative way of investing your savings, as the bank interest is next to nothing or even costs money? By investing in your own Dormio holiday home, you can both benefit from an attractive yield and enjoy your tangible investment. By investing with Dormio, you will make a well-considered, inflation-proof investment in holiday property. Should you ever want to sell your holiday home, Dormio can also act as your estate agent. This means your investment with us will always be worry free, and you can make the most of your inflation-proof property.

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