• Heimbach - Germany
  • Golden Zoover Award
  • Unique location in National Park Eifel
  • Many high-quality facilities
  • Authentic atmosphere
  • Zoover Award ‘Best German Holiday Park’

Resort Eifeler Tor

Enjoy life

Responsible investment

  • High-quality recreational property
  • Touristic prime locations
  • Attractive rental income
  • Responsible investment


  • Unlimited own use
  • Carefree possession
  • Luxury holiday homes
  • Beautiful facilities

Carefree living

  • Professional rental
  • Carefree management
  • Enjoy and earn
  • Dutch-speaking guidance

Why Dormio?

  • Reliable partner
  • Continuing involvement
  • Full guidance
  • Everything under one roof
Resort Eifeler Tor in Heimbach wins Zoover Award Gold 2016 (Best)

Resort Eifeler Tor in Heimbach wins Zoover Award Gold 2016 (Best)

Things to do at the resort

Resort Eifeler Tor is a place for recreation and relaxation. This modern village with rustic appearance is equipped with a number of the most luxurious facilities. On the large promenade, you will find several fun shops, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a supermarket. For our culinary offerings, you are also at the right place on the promenade; in “Casa Ruscello” you are able to enjoy the Italian kitchen, in the Heimbacher Brauhaus, several German specialities are being served and you can enjoy our home-brewed beer here. Hospitality is a key priority at our resort.

Heimbacher Brauhaus