• Heimbach - Germany
  • 169 villas and apartments
  • Unique location in National Park Eifel
  • Many high-quality facilities
  • Authentic atmosphere

Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor

Enjoy life

Responsible investment

  • High-quality recreational property
  • Touristic prime locations
  • Attractive rental income
  • Responsible investment


  • Unlimited own use
  • Carefree possession
  • Luxury holiday homes
  • Beautiful facilities

Carefree living

  • Professional rental
  • Carefree management
  • Enjoy and earn
  • Dutch-speaking guidance

Why Dormio?

  • Reliable partner
  • Continuing involvement
  • Full guidance
  • Everything under one roof

Things to do at the resort

Resort Eifeler Tor is a place for recreation and relaxation. This modern village with rustic appearance is equipped with a number of the most luxurious facilities. On the large promenade, you will find several fun shops, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a supermarket. For our culinary offerings, you are also at the right place on the promenade; in “Casa Ruscello” you are able to enjoy the Italian kitchen, in the Heimbacher Brauhaus, several German specialities are being served and you can enjoy our home-brewed beer here. Hospitality is a key priority at our resort.

Heimbacher Brauhaus