About Dormio Leisure Development

Who are we?

Dormio Leisure Development develops resorts and hotels as a project developer. The projects are developed at own risk or commissioned by third parties. Dormio guides a project in the basis from the concept phase up to and including the eventual exploitation. Dormio has all necessary knowledge and resources under one roof due to its development business, sales business, rental business and engineering business. This makes Dormio unique within the industry.

By maintaining close contact with both the user (guest of resort and hotel) and the buyer of the holiday homes, Dormio manages to develop the ideal holiday resort. Key priority is that both the holiday maker and the owner must be able to enjoy the holiday home in a carefree state of mind respectively a good return.  

Rental and management

Dormio Holidays is a young, fast-growing organisation specialised in the rental, administration and management of holiday resorts and hotels. Meanwhile owning 9 holiday resorts and hotels, Dormio Holidays is a fast-growing player with a fresh view on the industry.

Dormio Holidays has resorts and hotels in the Netherlands, but also in Austria, Germany, France and Bonaire. With its 9 holiday resorts and hotels, Dormio rents out and manages a total of approximately 490 holiday accommodations and has around 150 employees.

Key priority within the holiday resorts and hotels of Dormio Holidays is a carefree vacation and an optimal holiday experience for the guest. This optimal experience may manifest itself in different forms, depending on the situation and the location of the holiday resort and hotel. This can be tranquillity and nature but it may also have a sportive or city character. Dormio Holidays believes in diversity. This is the reason why guests choose Dormio Holidays.

Dormio Holidays collaborates with the largest travel operators in Europe which allows her to reach a wide range of guests. Contact us if you want to collaborate with Dormio Holidays as a holiday resort or hotel. 

In addition, in-house sales intermediary

Dormio Investments is specialised in the project-based sales of holiday homes. She has meanwhile accumulated an impressive track record and ditto customer base. Dormio Investments sells holiday homes from own projects (which are developed by Dormio Leisure Development) but also acts as sales intermediary for the sales of holiday homes in projects of external clients. The selling of holiday homes usually takes place from the plan, meaning prior to starting the construction of the project. This is a profession on its own and particularly in that area, Dormio Investments has a lot of experience and knowledge which is essential for a project to succeed! The preparation of a sales and marketing strategy is essential for the successful realisation of a project. Also in this area, Dormio has all the in-house knowledge necessary.

Advice feasibility study

From her role as specialised project developer, Dormio conducts feasibility studies for her own developments. In addition, feasibility assessments are also conducted as an assignment commissioned by market operators and governments.

During a feasibility study, all the possibilities of a project will be tested and important subjects will be investigated, such as planning issues, environment, budget/investment budget and rental income budget. Based on the feasibility study, the client is basically able to decide whether or not he/she wants to continue with the project. In some cases, a feasibility study leads to new insights due to which the project continues in another form (concept).

Project management

Project management is an essential part of project development. As an experienced project developer, we master this competence like no other. For that reason, Dormio also acts as a delegated project developer. This means, in brief, that we develop and guide your project for you as a client from the concept phase until the start of the exploitation.

Advice concept development and master planning

Being a specialised project developer, we also act as external advisors in projects for the concept development and master planning. This basically entails mostly holiday resorts and hotels, but it may also involve a resort or hotel in combination with another leisure product, such as an animal park. The assignment to develop a concept or to prepare a master plan study is often given in combination because it is almost impossible to separate the concept and the master plan.

The assignment often involves a project in the start-up phase/concept phase but it may just as well involve a project that has been running for a while and for which the initiator is unable to continue. In addition, we also offer assistance at existing holiday resorts or hotels in need of a revival in order to become more attractive for sales or rental.

Originality is the focal point during the development of a concept and/or a master plan.