About Dormio Leisure Development

Dormio Leisure Development develops luxury holiday resorts and hotels under own management or on behalf of third parties. Dormio supervises a project from the plan up to - and including - the eventual exploitation. With our own development company, sales company, rental company and engineering company we have got all the necessary knowledge and resources under one roof. That makes u unique in the leisure industry. We are in close contact with both the users (resort and hotel guests) and the buyers of the holiday homes. That provides us all the knowledge we need to develop the optimal holiday resort. Our starting point is always that our guests can always enjoy an optimal holiday home and holiday experience and that the homeowners always have a good return on their homes.

Advice feasibility study

As a specialized project developer, we conduct feasibility studies for our own projects, for third parties, and for governments. In a feasibility study we test all the possibilities of a project and we investigate important topics, such as planning issues, environmental issues, investment budget and rental income budget. On the basis of this study, the client decides himself about the continuation of a project. Sometimes feasibility studies lead to new insights so projects continue in a different way.

Project management

Project management is essential for project development. As an experienced project developer, we master this competence like no other. That is why we also act as a delegated project developer: we develop and support every project from the idea until the start of the operation.

Advice on concept development and master planning

As a specialized project developer we are also hired as an external consultant for projects for concept development and master planning. These are mostly projects concerning holiday resorts and hotels, sometimes in combination with other leisure products; for example an animal park. Although most assignments for concept development or master planning are provided in the initial phase or idea phase, we are also hired for existing projects where the initiator got stuck and needs a fresh perspective. We also offer this fresh look at existing holiday resorts or hotels that require an impulse to make them more attractive for sale or rental.

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