Enjoyment, the Dormio way

Enjoyment, the Dormio way

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  • Luxury resorts and hotels in the Netherlands and other countries
  • Accommodation units for 2 to 22 guests
  • Stay in the middle of nature or on the coast

Enjoy a wonderful stay at Dormio Resorts & Hotels! Discover our luxury resorts and hotels in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria and Spain. Are you looking for a holiday home for the whole family, a cosy apartment for two or  great group accommodation? Explore all the options and book your luxury stay at one of our resorts today. We look forward to seeing you!

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Enjoyment, the Dormio way

At Dormio, you can start enjoying your carefree stay immediately! Because of our high-quality service and beds made up on arrival, your stay will get off to a flying start. Book your stay on the basis of an arrival and departure date that suit you best. You will find our resorts and hotels in top tourist locations. Our resorts and hotels have extensive facilities, which adds to you holiday fun. We call this: enjoyment, the Dormio way!

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Whether you are looking for an active holiday in the mountains, a relaxing sun, sea and beach holiday or a great weekend away, there is something to suit everyone! At Dormio you have a wide choice of different types of accommodations. You are sure to find an accommodation that meets your requirements perfectly!

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Winter sports holiday French and Austrian Alps

Winter sports holiday

Are you a passionate winter sports enthusiast? Discover our resorts in the French and Austrian Alps! A popular destination among winter sports enthusiasts because of the many pistes and impressive mountains.

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Beach holiday Costa Blanca, Opal Coast

Beach holiday

Experience that special holiday feeling with a beach holiday by the sea! Discover our resort on the sunny Costa Blanca in Spain or the pretty Opal Coast in France.

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City break Maastricht

City break

Fancy an unforgettable city break in the Netherlands? Discover Dormio Resort Maastricht and Dormio Hotel De Prins van Oranje! Or stay in a unique hotel in Arnhem or Valkenburg.

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Active holiday Austria, France and Germany

Active holiday

Are you a true nature lover and a fan of active holidays? Discover our resorts in Austria, France and Germany and explore the natural environment!

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Looking for a carefree stay in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria or Spain? Find out what Dormio Resorts & Hotels has to offer! Explore our resorts and book a wonderful holiday at one of our luxury resorts or hotels!

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