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Dormio Hotel De Prins van Oranje, Maastricht


Het Wilhelmus 1 (Dousbergweg 90, for navigation)

6216 GK Maastricht


Adres for your navigation: Dousbergweg 90, Maastricht


Telephone reception desk +31 43 204 30 80


E-mail: receptie@resortmaastricht.nl


The reception is open 24/7.



Vaals 30 km
Luik / Liège 35 km
Aachen 45 km
Brussel 110 km
Amsterdam 215 km
Paris 400 km​

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Do you want to book, or do you have a question about a reservation? Please fill in the contact form. You can also contact Dormio Resorts & Hotels directly via e-mail, or call the number below.


E: booking@dormioholidays.com

T: +31 26 353 77 25