Enjoy yourself in a UNESCO World Heritage area

Dormio Resort Les Portes Du Mont Blanc - Vallorcine guarantees a beautiful stay both for a winter sports holiday and for a summer holiday during which you want to enjoy nature. The environment is amazing and so are the masterpieces of Le Corbusier. These structures have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The UNESCO World Heritage treaty already exists since 1972. This treaty is intended to be able to better preserve cultural and natural heritage, of unique value to the human race, for generations in the future. The countries that have signed this treaty have agreed to commit to identification, protection, preservation, accessibility and transfer of cultural heritage within their country borders to next generations.


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The architectural work of Le Corbusier

The architectural work of Le Corbusier is divided among seven different countries. The structures were established in the course of 50 years, Le Corbusier described it as a 'patient investigation'. The different works; Complexe du Capitole (India), the National Museum for Western Art (Japan), the House of Dr. Curutchet (Argentina) and the Unité d'habitation (France) show new architectural solutions and techniques the Modern Movement developed and applied in the 20th century in order to fulfil the need of society. The creative masterpieces show the internationalisation of the architectural business around the world.

Sainte-Marie de La Tourette

Sainte-Marie de La Tourette is a monastery in the municipality of Éveux, France. This monument, designed by Le Corbusier, was completed in 1960. The interior is minimalistic due to the fact that it is a monastery, but it is therefore not less beautiful. Since recently, 17 July 2016, this magnificent monastery was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.


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Maison de la Culture de Firminy

The house of culture and youth is now used as a cultural institution. This striking building was built in 1965 and is designed by Corbusier. This masterpiece is recognised as UNESCO World Heritage and consequently also added to the world heritage list.


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