Terms and conditions Dormio Holidays

The General Terms and Conditions below apply from 1 July 2020 up to and including 25 August 2020. Read the current General Terms and Conditions here.

It is advisable to read these conditions, both you and Dormio Holidays find your and our rights and obligations. These general conditions apply to any tender offer and agreement. Only Dutch law is applicable.

1. Booking

1.1 You can book directly on www.dormio.uk or per e-mail booking@dormioholidays.com. You can also book by calling 0031 26 353 77 25. All reservations make use of these general booking conditions. Deviations are possible in incidental cases and if confirmed in writing by Dormio Holidays.
1.2 The client is liable for the fulfillment of all obligations by itself and all fellow travelers arising from the travel agreement.
1.3 We only take orders to reservations if individuals are eighteen (18) years or older. Reservations by persons under that age are therefore not valid.


2. Payment policies, adjustments, cancellations and no-show

2.1 All reservations will be confirmed by Dormio Holidays through an email confirmation.

2.2 With reservations at the standard price a payment in full is required.

2.3 With reservations at the flexible price we ask a pre-payment of 25% of the total cost. 21 days prior to arrival the remaining 75% needs to be paid.


Adjustments / Cancellation*

2.4 No changes can be made for reservations at the standard price.

2.5 Reservations at the standard price cannot be cancelled without fees.

2.6 Reservations at the flexible price can be cancelled / adjusted till 21 days prior to arrival.

2.7 All adjustments (for reservations at the flexible rate) are subject to an adjustment fee of € 25,- per reservation.

2.8 Reservations made in the period from 16 April 2020 till 30 Juni 2020 with arrivals up to and including 31 October 2020 can be changed through the rebook guarantee. Click here for the terms and conditions of the rebook guarantee.



2.9 When you do not arrive on the day of your planned arrival, you are considered to be a “No-Show”. Your reservation will be cancelled and according to our cancellation policy, no refunds will be made.


Group reservations

2.10 Reservations consisting of 4 accommodations or more are considered to be a group reservation. For this different cancellation conditions apply. Please contact the reservations department for more information.

Long stay

2.11 A reservation of 22 nights or more is seen as a long stay. We use other conditions for this. Ask the reservations department for more details by emailing booking@dormioholidays.com or by telephone on +31 (0)26 353 77 25.

*Unless stated otherwise

3. Cancellation by Dormio Holidays

3.1 If any circumstances require Dormio Holidays to cancel the reserved accommodation, the affected tenants will be informed immediately and, if possible, offered an alternative. 

3.2 In case Dormio Holidays is forced to cancel the stay due to the corona measures, one is entitled to a corona voucher. Check the terms and conditions of the coronavoucher here.

4. Changes by the tenant

Does not apply

5. Liability of the tenant

5.1 During the stay in the accommodation, the tenant is fully liable for the rented accommodation, decor and all things that belong to the house. Any damage caused by the users of the property will have to be immediately fully reimbursed by the tenant to the landlord. For any additional costs, including electricity, the tenant is fully liable. Dormio Holidays is entitled to keep the tenant as still liable if the damage is not, or not properly settled or the to pay on site costs are not (fully) paid by the tenant. All related (collection) costs are the sole responsibility of the tenant listed on the booking confirmation.
5.2 Presence of any house rules at the property are inextricably part of the rental agreement and should therefore be strictly lived up to.
5.3 The number of persons mentioned in the property description is the maximum allowed. Occupancy with more persons is not permitted and Dormio Holidays is entitled to refuse access to the property if there is more than the permitted number of persons.

6. Liability of Dormio Holidays

6.1 Dormio Holidays takes no liability for loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind, caused to or by tenants by Dormio Holidays contracted accommodation.
6.2 Obvious mistakes or errors in the description or prices of the accommodations offered by Dormio Holidays do not bind Dormio. Dormio Holidays can not accept any liability for interim changes to information, pricing or typographical errors.
6.3 The (price) information in the most recently published price list and on that of what is on the website prevails. Therefore void (price) information from previously published editions.
6.4 Dormio Holidays can not accept liability for damage caused by natural violence, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, violence and / or coming into contact with an aircraft or parts of one.
6.5 You need to enter preferences simultaneously with the booking. Preferences are billed in accordance with our price list at € 45.00 per accommodation. In the absence of this billing in this case have not met to the requirements of this billing, there can be no claim made under this facility.
6.6 It may happen that there is work being performed in the vicinity of the accommodation. For potential noise disturbance Dormio Holidays takes no responsibility.
6.7 Any disputes that may arise in respect to the agreement, will be settled by the competent judge of the court.


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