Visit one of these unique places of interest during your stay

Visit one of these unique places of interest during your stay

UNESCO world heritage sites

  • Unique places of interest close to our resorts
  • Must-sees during your stay
  • From charming towns to unique buildings and areas of natural interest

Our resorts and hotels are in top tourist locations, and often they are situated close to one or more unique UNESCO world heritage sites. We have made a list of these special places of interest, so that you can visit them during your stay at one of our resorts or hotels. Make your stay an unforgettable one!

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Visit UNESCO world heritage sites during your stay

About the UNESCO World Heritage Convention

The UNESCO World Heritage Convention was introduced in 1972. This Convention intends to preserve cultural and natural heritage of a unique and universal value for future generations. Countries that have signed this Convention have agreed that they will aim to identify, protect, conserve, present and transmit to future generations cultural heritage within their national borders. In short, these are special places of interest you must see during your visit at one of our resorts or hotels!

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