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Right next to the Dormio Eifeler Tor Resort: the beautiful Eifel National Park

In the north of the Eifel lies the Eifel National Park, a protected nature reserve with an area of about 110 square kilometres. The Eifel National Park is part of the High Fens – Eifel Nature Park and is the perfect holiday destination for nature lovers. Here you can enjoy different types of woods, hills, viewpoints, cycling routes and trails and beautiful man-made lakes like the Rursee, Urftsee and Obersee. The best places to start for a visit to the nature reserve are the national park gates. These are where you can find information about the routes and places of interest in the area. For example, start from the Heimbach Gate of the National Park, which is only a 5 minute drive from the Dormio Eifeler Tor Resort.

Eifel National Park: View of Lake Rursee
Deer in the Eifel National Park

Enjoy the stunning flora and fauna

The unspoiled nature of the Eifel National Park will continue to amaze you with its beauty. From beech to pine forests, rolling hills, fast-flowing rivers and beautiful man-made lakes. In addition to the beautiful nature of this area, it is possible to spot many types of plants and animals. Have you ever seen a wild cat actually in the wild? You could meet one unexpectedly in the Eifel! There are also other types of animals to be seen here such as red deer, lynx and black storks. The flower meadows allow you to enjoy the beautiful flowers and butterflies.

Hiking in the Eifel all year round

The Eifel National Park is a beautiful nature reserve to visit all year round. It is possible to go on amazing hikes in the summer and the winter. In the spring, the flower meadows are coloured yellow with the daffodils that bloom and, in the winter, the snow reveals the tracks of the wild animals in this area. The Eifel National Park is a hiking paradise, having 240 kilometres of hiking trails. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or prefer to hike over flat country, everything is possible here. The hiking trails are well-maintained and remarkably diverse. Whoever wants to get to know all of the National Park should choose a wilderness trail. This route is 86 kilometres long and goes straight through the Eifel region.

Do you want more information about the various walking tours? Visit the tourist office’s shop at the Dormio Eifeler Tor Resort or ask at the national park gates. 

Hiking in the Eifel
Bicycle tour in the Eifel National Park

Explore the Eifel in Germany on a bicycle

The Eifel is a popular area for fervent cyclists too. The Eifel National Park has more than 100 kilometres of cycling routes. The hilly area means there are steep climbs and therefore an e-bicycle is recommended! An e-bicycle can be rented at the bicycle rental shop at the Dormio Eifeler Tor Resort. Do you want to go cycling with the entire family? There are various cycling routes along the rivers that are suitable for families with children. Mountain bike riders can also indulge themselves in this area. The sporty cyclists among us can go on various mountain bicycle routes that will reward them with a fantastic view.

Visit the authentic villages of the Eifel

There are various picturesque villages in and around the Eifel National Park that are worth visiting. The idyllic town of Monschau in Eifel is highly recommended. This town nestles among the hills along a winding river. Beautiful timbered houses that have amazing façades can be seen on both sides of the narrow streets. You will be met with the smell of German bread and fresh coffee. Of course, when in Germany, the German beer from this region must be tasted. This delicious beer can be sampled at the welcoming pavement cafés in Monschau. Heimbach is another town you should not miss. Heimbach is close to the Dormio Eifeler Tor Resort. When in Heimbach, visit the Mariawald Abbey at lunchtime and do not forget to visit the Hengebach Castle.

Moon show near the Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor

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