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Enjoy UNESCO World Heritage sites in Brühl

The Dormio Eifeler Tor Resort is close to the Eifel town of Heimbach. It is a beautiful green region with verdant woods and beautiful hiking areas. In the town of Brühl, about 40 minutes from the resort, two 18th century palaces, Augustusburg and Falkenlust, are located in an idyllic garden landscape. These palaces belong to the earliest examples of Baroque and Rococo architecture in Germany. Together with the extensive palace garden, they have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1984.

Augustusburg Palace: Rococo masterpiece

Augustusburg Palace is the extravagant residence of the prince-archbishops of Cologne. Many famous artists from Europe have worked on the building including Balthasar Neumann who designed a splendid staircase. This palace is a real highlight in architecture, sculpture, painting and design of the grounds. The painted ceiling is astounding too.

From 1949 on, Augustusburg Palace was used as a reception area by the German president and the Government of the Federal Republic. Famous state guests at this address include Queen Elisabeth II, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela and Pope John Paul II. Today, Augustusburg Palace and the Falkenlust hunting lodge are open to the public as museums. Perfect for an outing while staying at the Dormio Eifeler Tor Resort!

Augustusberg Castle in Brühl near the Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor
Falkenlust Hunting Lodge near the Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor

Falkenlust hunting lodge

Located at the edge of a remote wood, the Falkenlust hunting lodge (a small rural folly) was the favourite hunting lodge of the Cologne Elector and archbishop Clemens August. The manor was designed by François de Cuvilliés, court architect, and built between 1729 and 1737 to practise falconry. This beautiful palace is known for its symmetry and the walls decorated with shells and stones. Falkenlust has two storeys, built in a country-house style. The ground floor of this beautiful manor house has an oval drawing room filled with improvisation, charm and liberty. A display in the outbuildings gives the visitor an idea of the art of falconry, depicting the life and workplace of falconers.


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Palace grounds

In 1728, Dominique Girard designed the palace gardens along French lines. The palaces are connected to one another by a lane that runs through the expansive palace garden. Renowned artists and architects were involved in the construction of the gardens and grounds. The Palace grounds is a monument in garden art with French and English influence and is certainly worth a visit during your holiday in the Eifel in Germany.

Schlosspark Brühl near the Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor
Hallstatt near the Dormio Resort Obertraun

Hallstatt near Dormio Resort Obertraun

About the UNESCO World Heritage List

The UNESCO World Heritage List has existed since 1972. This convention was intended to be able to better preserve the cultural and natural heritage, that which has a unique and universal value for humanity, for future generations. Countries that have signed this convention have agreed to apply themselves to the identification, protection, maintenance, making accessible and the transferral of the cultural heritage within their countries’ borders to future generations.


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