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Visit the Aachen Cathedral, UNESCO World Heritage

Dormio Hotel ''De Prins van Oranje'' in Maastricht is a luxury hotel situated at an amazing location. The Vrijthof is only at a distance of 10 minutes by bicycle and plenty activities are being organised. Close to our hotel, at only half an hour drive, you will find the Aachen Cathedral. This beautiful church has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List and is therefore definitely worth a visit. 

The UNESCO World Heritage Treaty is in place since 1972. This treaty is intended to be able to better preserve cultural and natural heritage, of unique and universal value for mankind, for future generations. Countries that have signed this treaty have agreed to commit to identification, protection, preservation, accessibility and the transfer of cultural heritage within the borders of their country to generations to come.

Aachen Cathedral

The construction of this magnificent Paltzkapel (chapel), with octagonal basilica and dome, started around 790 to 800 A.C. under the emperor Karel de Grote. The inspiration for this cathedral originated from the churches in the eastern part of the Holy Roman Empire. In 814, Karel de Grote was buried in the chapel. The treasure chamber of the cathedral is now of invaluable archaeological, esthetical and historical importance. 

The church is located at the south side of the Katschhof. North of this square you will find the town hall of Aachen. The valuable treasure chamber is situated north-west of the cathedral.


The Aachen Cathedral has beautiful interior pieces. A very unique element of the cathedral is the Carolingian Paltzkapel (chapel) with the cast-iron choir screens. An amazing Barbarossaluchter, a beautiful 12-century chandelier, is suspended from the ceiling. This was a gift from Frederik Barbarossa. 

The church also houses a scale model of the fountain in the Saint Peter. The Aachen Cathedral further has several Carolingian bronze doors, including the Wolfsdeur (Wolf Door).

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