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Activities around Obertraun

Are you coming to the Dormio Resort Obertraun this winter? There are enough activities in the immediate surrounding area of Obertraun to keep you from being bored.

Winter sports in Obertraun

Winter sports in Obertraun

First of all, Obertraun’s nature is extremely suitable for a winter sports holiday. Obertraun is located in a beautiful valley beside the Hallstättersee (Lake Hallstatt) in Austria at an altitude of 511 metres and is surrounded by various skiing areas. Half of the ski slopes in Obertraun are blue and therefore very suitable for beginners, but there are also red and black ski slopes for winter sports enthusiasts. An additional advantage: there is a ski bus stop at Dormio Resort Obertraun, which means you can be on the slopes in no time!


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“Welterbeblick” Hallstatt Skywalk

Lake Hallstat is world famous. Check it out more thoroughly including the high Hallstatt mountains from above from the Skywalk. The Skywalk can be found on Hallstatt’s salt mountain, immediately below the former defence tower, the "Rudolfsturm". The view of the UNESCO Hallstatt-Dachstein-Salzkammergut world heritage region is especially impressive from here. You can reach this location by using the cable car, but, if you are a trained hiker, you can also hike up in approximately 90 minutes.


UNESCO world heritage around Obertraun
Skywalk Hallstatt
Salt mines

Guided tour through the Hallstatt salt mines

Salt was already extracted from the middle bronze age in the mountains around Hallstatt. In those days, salt was a valuable commodity and was also referred to as the 'white gold of Austria'. Hallstatt was a wealthy salt trading centre for a long time. Now, the salt mine has been opened to visitors and you can see here how salt used to be extracted from the mines.

Dressed in protective clothing, you will start a journey of discovery back to the beginning of salt mining about 7000 years ago. You will experience the history of the bronze age with the latest multimedia technology such as 3D projections, holograms and a cinema that is located 400 metres under the ground! You will see the long slides that miners used to move around underground from one salt layer to another. Slide down one of these slides yourself and check how fast you are travelling on a speedometer. The final leg of the tour is a ride on the mine train. Check out current opening times and order your tickets online here.

Visit the picturesque village of Hallstatt

The village of Hallstatt in Austria is famous worldwide and is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is located immediately next to the beautiful lake with the same name in the incredibly breathtaking mountainous world of Salzkammergut (which translates to "salt demesne"). The picturesque village is definitely worth a visit during your stay at Dormio Resort Obertraun.

At the market in the old centre of Hallstatt there are various cosy little restaurants where you can warm up after a winter hike or eat something delicious. The houses in Hallstatt and the mountain tops are covered with a thick layer of snow in the winter, giving a fairytale look to the village. Hallstatt is certainly worth a visit if you stay at Dormio Resort Obertraun!


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Breathtaking view of the '5 Fingers' viewing platform

Breathtaking view of the '5 Fingers' viewing platform

Do you dare to look into the abyss from 400 metres up? The '5 Fingers' viewing platform on the Dachstein offers an adrenaline rush! It is definitely worth it because you will have a spectacular view of the Alps from here. This platform was given this name because of the form of the structure that looks like a hand with 5 fingers. On the first finger, you can take a photo in a baroque picture frame, the second finger has a glass floor so that you can look into the amazing precipice under you, the third finger has a slightly different form and symbolises the 'freedom that the mountains offer', finger number four has a hole in the floor through which you can look down and you can look through a telescope free of charge on the fifth finger. The trip using the cable car from Obertraun already is a unique experience in itself. Note: The ‘5 Fingers’ is not a viewing platform for people with a fear of heights.

Day trip to Salzburg

The city of Salzburg is just over an hour away from Dormio Resort Obertraun. It is an ideal destination for a day trip. Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria with over 150,000 inhabitants.

The city centre is filled with Baroque buildings that, in the winter, are covered with a layer of snow. And, of course, it is the the birthplace of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. If you are staying at Dormio Resort Obertraun, a fun activity is a day trip to Salzburg!


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