Admire the beautiful surroundings of Obertraun

Admire the beautiful surroundings of Obertraun

Surroundings of Dormio Resort Obertraun

  • Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1997
  • Beautiful landmarks in the vicinity
  • Perfect destination for winter and summer mountain sports

Dormio Resort Obertraun is situated in a beautiful valley in Austria, at an altitude of 511 metres. Most of this beautiful area is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site; it should definitely be on your bucket list! We have listed the most beautiful landmarks in this beautiful area for you below.

Explore the resort

Visit the picturesque village of Hallstatt

The village of Hallstatt is one of the best-known places in Austria and is on the UNESCO world heritage list. It is situated right by the lake with the same name in the beautiful landscape and is certainly worth a visit! In the old village centre you will find cosy restaurants and terraces. Walking from here towards the lake, you will hit upon one of the most photographed spots in the world. The houses of Hallstatt disappear into the mountains, and the scene is beautifully reflected in the lake. In the winter, the houses and mountain tops are covered in thick snow, creating a magical landscape. A replica of the village has been built in a Chinese theme park, which is why it is very popular with Chinese people.

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Enjoy the beautiful surroundings from the Five Fingers viewing platform.

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings from the Five Fingers viewing platform.

Are you brave enough to look down 400 metres? Visit the Five Fingers viewing platform on Dachstein, with spectacular views of the Alps! This platform owes its name to the structure’s shape, which resembles a hand with five fingers. On the first finger, you can take a photograph framed by a baroque picture frame. The second finger has a glass floor, giving you a spectacular view of the abyss beneath you. The third finger symbolises the “freedom offered by the mountains”. Number four has a hole in the floor, allowing you to look all the way down. On the fifth and last finger you can admire the views through a telescope. The cable car trip from Obertraun to the viewing platform is quite an experience in itself!

Visit historic Salzburg

It takes an hour and a quarter by car to get to Salzburg from Dormio Resort Obertraun - the perfect destination for a day out! With more than 150,000 inhabitants, Salzburg is the fourth biggest city in Austria. The inner city centre features many historic buildings, which in winter are covered in a beautiful coat of snow. Salzburg is also worth a visit outside the winter season. It is, of course, the city where the famous composer Mozart was born, and the world-famous musical “The Sound of Music” was filmed here. Do you like shopping? Go to Europark in Salzburg! Here you will find more than 130 different shops and several restaurants. A day trip to Salzburg when you are staying at Dormio Resort Obertraun is a great thing to do at any time of the year.

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Admire the beautiful surroundings on foot or by bike

Admire the beautiful surroundings on foot or by bike

One of the most beautiful places in the area is Lake Gosau. Walk around the first lake, Vorderer Gosausee, a route of about 4 kilometres, or go around Hinterer Gosausee for a longer hike of about 13 kilometres. The idyllic village of Koppenwinkeltal, with a small lake, is another great place for walking or cycling. Also explore the beautiful Ostuferwanderweg: a route of about 10 kilometres starting near Dormio Resort Obertraun. Or do you want to go into the mountains? An ascent of Sarstein is highly recommended! A 2-to-3-hour hike on Sarstein will give you wonderful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. You can also do the challenging Sarstein traverse. This route takes about 6 to 8 hours and includes the mountain summit. There is something to suit everyone!

Explore the popular town of Bad Ischl

A half-hour drive from Dormio Resort Obertraun takes you to Bad Ischl. A visit to this attractive Austrian spa town during your holiday in Austria is highly recommended! Bad Ischl is situated on a peninsula between the Ischl and Traun rivers. First mentioned in 1262, the town became famous in the 19th century, when Emperor Franz Josef chose it as his summer residence. The town still features many imperial landmarks. You can go for a stroll in Kaiser Park, explore the lavish rooms of the Kaiservilla or visit one of the interesting museums. The cable car to the top of Katrin is another must-do! From here you can enjoy stunning views of the environment.

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