Dormio Resort Obertraun (AT)

Obertraun is a true paradise for hikers and mountain bikers. The choice is almost infinite! The mountainous area in which Dormio Resort Obertraun is situated, is extremely suitable for both a summer vacation during which you can dive into the lake near the park, and for a winter sports holiday. The area was added in 1997 to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Dachstein – Five Fingers viewing platform

Not for weak nerves! The Five Fingers viewing platform offers an adrenaline rush at the highest level. This is probably the most spectacular viewing platform in the Alps and it stretches out like a hand at a height of 400 m above the abyss.

Every finger has its own feature 


  • In the first, tourists can take a picture of themselves in a baroque photo frame,
  • The second has a glass floor providing a great view of the glaring chasm below you,
  • The third finger has a slightly different form and is symbol for the “freedom the mountains offer”,
  • Number four has a hole in the floor through which you can look down,
  • And finger five provides the opportunity to glare through a telescope for free.

At night, the whole is illuminated phenomenally. But it is not only the viewing platform that has a lot to offer, also the route itself is worth your while. The journey by cable way to the mountain station is an experience on its own.

Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor (DE)

Are you a lover of nature and culture? If the answer is yes, Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor is the right place to be. The holiday park is situated in the centre of the National Park Eifel, close to the beautiful Rursee and near historical cities such as Cologne, Aachen and Trier. Located on a hill, the resort offers a breathtaking view of the river the Rur. Visitors are treated by a combination of luxury, diversity and hospitality. 

Also for families and adults, we offer a wide range of facilities at both the resort and in the Eifel region. For example, you are able to participate in a tour around the power plant. You will gain insight in the hundred-year-old Jugendstil-power plant in Heimbach, an architectural pearl which is unique in Germany. 

In the summer, the plant is transformed for a week into an amazing concert hall in which internationally known artists from around the world are performing. In addition, excursions are being organised during which the most beautiful forests are explored. You can also travel by boat in an expedition along the Rursee. The resort also organises evening hikes, games and sports matches. 

Dormio Resort Les Portes Du Grand Massif - Flaine

The Mont Blanc 
Climbing the 4,810 metres high Mont Blanc is the ultimate challenge for many alpinists. The two or three days lasting climb of the glacier on the highest mountain of the Alps is only suitable for excellently trained mountaineers with glacier experience, accompanied by a guide. Are you less trained, but do you still want to see the Mont Blanc up close? 

Aiguille du Midi 
From Chamonix it is possible to take a gondola to Plan de l’Aiguille. After that, you switch to another gondola which brings you to the top of the Aiguille du Midi at an altitude of 3,842 metres. There are several viewing platforms but with one more short lift you will reach the highest spot with the best view of Italy, Switzerland and France. 

Mer de Glace and Montenvers Train 
The famous railway Montenvers comfortably brings you from Chamonix to the magnificent ice sea Mer de Glace at an altitude of 1,913 metres. Here you have a beautiful view of the largest glacier in France. This glacier with a length of 7 kilometres is situated on the north side of the Mont Blanc, is approximately 200 metres deep and moves 120 metres per year. This is obviously also a great place for hiking enthusiasts. 

Cosy Samoëns 
The historical centre of the beautiful town of Samoëns has fun shops, nice restaurants and bars. The new and fast Chariande Express chairlift brings you in 7 minutes to the top of the Tête de Saix, the central peak of the Grand Massif region.


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Dormio Resort Les Portes Du Mont Blanc - Vallorcine

In the winter 
The snowy mountains invite you to come and ski, snowboard, cross-country ski, tobogganing, hike on snow shoes and to make an adventurous tour with sled dogs or horses. The gondola situated in front of Dormio Resort Les Portes Du Mont Blanc offers immediate access to ski area Domaine de Balme-Poya. Ski area La Balme has beautifully designed slopes but also a great off-slope descent which allows you to descend into the valley and return by train to Vallorcine. Ski area La Poya is the place to be for your children if they want to learn how to ski. All other slopes in ski area Chamonix-Mont Blanc can also be easily reached by ski lift, bus or train. 

In the summer 
The beautiful nature reserves surrounding Vallorcine are very well suited for activities such as parasailing, mountain biking, climbing, bouldering, fishing and hiking. The village has no less than 350 km of excellently maintained hiking paths and 150 different routes. Lovers of the outdoor living choose for the lower valley paths because of the delicious scents in the forest or go higher up to taste blueberries, to test their endurance levels and to enjoy the fantastic views of the massifs of the Aiguilles Rouges, the Mont Blanc and the Swiss Alps. 

Be surprised by the beauty of the splattering river Eau de Bérard, the waterfall of Bérard, the Emosson dam, the waterfall of Barberine, Mont Buet and the Tré-les-Eaux glacier. Along river l’Eau Noire, fishermen will find a great spot. The office de Haute Montagne in Chamonix has all routes and informs you about current weather conditions. 

Lovers of golf will find everything their hearts desire at Golf Club de Chamonix, a spacious 18-holes golf course with small differences in altitude and a view of the Mont Blanc.