Experience a wonderful and active holiday
in the natural Eifel region

Experience a wonderful and active holiday
in the natural Eifel region

An active holiday in the Eifel

  • Next to the Eifel National Park
  • The perfect destination for an active holiday among nature
  • Hire a bicycle or mountain bike
  • Extensive facilities at our resort

Looking for an active holiday in the Eifel? Do you want to see nature during your holiday and then relax in the evening at a luxury resort in the middle of the countryside? Then Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor is the perfect base for an active holiday.

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Hike one of the beautiful hiking trails in the German Eifel during your active holiday

The Eifel is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts

Do you like to go on hikes when on holiday? The Eifel National Park is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts! You can choose from fantastic trails through the beech and oak woods in the Eifel National Park, the peat bogs of the High Fens – Eifel Nature Park, the sandstone rocks of the Teufelsschlucht (the 'Devil's Gorge') or the wild and ancient rock formations of the Ferschweiler Plateau. In the midst of all this natural beauty lie the picturesque Eifel towns with historic centres, mediaeval craftsmanship, cool fortified buildings and impressive castles. Be amazed during your hike! Do you want more information about the most popular walks and hikes in this area? Visit the tourist office at our resort.

Mountain bike riding in the Eifel: challenging trails and bike parks

Mountain bike riding in the Eifel is very popular and one of the best ways to explore this region. If you are a mountain bike enthusiast, the VulkanBike Trailpark is a true paradise according to many aficionados. Whether you are an experienced mountain bike rider or just getting started, you can find a route that suits you in the VulkanBike Trailpark in the Eifel. With a total area of 500 square kilometres and a road network of 750 kilometres, the park offers many options. Another advantage to mountain biking in the Eifel: it is close by and therefore ideal for a weekend away. Do you want more information? Visit the website of VulkanBike Trailpark. If you return to the resort after a long bike ride, we will make sure you can enjoy a delicious meal in one of our restaurants.

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Enjoy countless bends and height differences on your motorbike during your active holiday in the Eifel region

A challenging motorcycle holiday in the Eifel

Looking for a challenging motorcycle holiday not too far from home? The Eifel is a popular location for motorcycle enthusiasts and there is good reason. The Eifel has countless curves, differences in altitude and the road surfaces are very good. You can go on the most wonderful motorcycle tours here. You can travel around on your own and get to know the area, but you can also use one of the existing motorcycle tours. Choose a tour through the north of the Eifel, around the beautiful Eifel National Park and the well-known man-made lakes such as the Rursee. Or take a ride in the area of Nürburgring, Moezel and Ahr. This motorcycle tour takes you along the well-known track that is also your starting point. In this area, you can ride on meandering roads through the Moezel area and see beautiful vineyards and scenic villages. When you return to the resort after a long motorcycle tour, a cold Heimbacher beer is waiting for you and you can relax on the patio of your holiday home!

Stay at our resort during your active holiday in the Eifel

Combine an active holiday in the Eifel with relaxation

Located in the beautiful Eifel, Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor has various luxury holiday homes and apartments for 4 to 12 people. All holiday homes and apartments have a spacious patio or balcony with a gorgeous view of the Rur valley or the hilly landscape of the Eifel. Some accommodation units have a private sauna or wellness area, allowing you to thoroughly relax after a day on your motorcycle. In the Heimbacher Brauhaus, at the resort, you can enjoy a German meal as well as the locally brewed Heimbacher beer. Now that is a holiday!