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A weekend away to the Eifel?

A weekend away to the Eifel in Germany is a way of taking a break. Whether you want to go away for a weekend with your family, partner or with an entire group of friends, there is always something for everyone to experience in this beautiful nature reserve. Enjoy a (long) weekend at the Dormio Eifeler Tor Resort in a beautiful area!

Relax just over the border in Germany

After a busy week working, it is great to be able to relax. If you pack your bags and go somewhere else, it feels good just to be gone for a while.

In addition to a beautiful countryside, the Eifel has many places of interest, trails, cycling routes and picturesque villages. You don’t have to be bored on your weekend away! Here are 5 tips for a successful weekend away in the Eifel.


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Picturesque town of Monschau
Rursee in the Eifel National Park

Tip 1: Discover the beautiful the Eifel National Park

The Eifel National Park is a beautiful vast nature reserve that is located around the man-made lake Rursee. There are beautiful walks around the Rursee or boat trips that you can take. There are places of interest in and around the Eifel National Park. Are you a mountain bike enthusiast and would you like to go away for a weekend with your friends? Then you will love the Eifel National Park. The VulkanBike Trailpark is a true mountain bike paradise. Would you rather take the motorcycle on a weekend away? The Eifel has countless curves, differences in altitude and the road surfaces are very good. You can go on the most wonderful motorcycle tours in the Eifel. After an active day in the Eifel National Park, you can relax on the patio of your holiday home at Dormio Eifeler Tor Resort. The Heimbacher beer is cold – cheers! 

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Tip 2: Strolling through picturesque Monschau

The scenic Eifel town Monschau is certainly worth a visit while staying at the Dormio Eifeler Tor Resort. Monschau is a small German town that lies on the edge of the Eifel region and the Belgian Ardennes and can be visited all year round. Monschau has many timbered houses, bakeries with mouth-watering rolls, cute shops and, in the summer, all of the pavement cafés are full. Visit the Red House, a beautiful stately home from the 18th century with a very special wooden staircase. Do you like beer? Visit the Felsenkeller beer museum and find out all about the history of brewing beer. If you want to relax while exploring Monschau, the welcoming centre can also be explored while sitting in a small train. Keep your camera ready because this German town is very photogenic!


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Half-timbered houses in Monschau near the Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor
Castle near the Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor

Tip 3: Visit a castle, palace or monastery

The Eifel has many castles, palaces and monasteries. Along the way, you will regularly see ruins on the green mountain tops. Satzvey Castle is one of Germany’s best-preserved castles, located in Mechernich. The castle is from the 14th century and one side is immersed in water. A noble family still lives here that organises tours through the castle in the weekend. Have you ever visited a monastery? If you are near Heimbach around lunchtime, visit the Mariawald monastery. This monastery is about 4 kilometres away from Heimbach. Enjoy some traditional pea soup and a delicious Trappist beer in the former dining hall of this monastery.


Tip 4: Shopping in City Outlet in Bad Münstereifel

Do you like to go shopping while away for the weekend? The outlet centre in Bad Münstereifel is highly recommended for those who love to shop. This city outlet is the most picturesque outlet centre in Germany. Different historic buildings in the city were used to create a tasteful shopping paradise. One end has the outlet stores where you can buy attractively discounted clothes, shoes and much more. If you walk to the other end, you will find the specialty shops such as the ‘Haus der Hüte’, a hat shop that is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020. It carries hats and caps but also scarves and gloves for young and old. Want to know more about this City Outlet? Visit the website.

City Outlet Bad Münstereifel in der Nähe vom Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor
An afternoon of fishing at the Rursee

Tip 5: An afternoon of fishing at the Rursee

The beautiful locations and quiet fishing spots are what make the Eifel a popular place to go fishing for the afternoon. There are at least 50 kilometres around the Rursee where fishing is allowed. It is also possible to go fishing in a boat on the water. There are other (artificial) lakes in the area where you can throw out a line. Note: you need a fishing permit in Germany to go fishing. You can purchase a short-term fishing permit at the tourist office. You will need a passport photo and ID.

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