Enjoy an unforgettable stay in South Limburg

Enjoy an unforgettable stay in South Limburg

Day trips in and around Maastricht

  • Beautiful hilly landscape
  • Fun activities for all ages
  • Attractive events

Enjoy the best day trips into Maastricht and its surroundings during your stay at Dormio Resort Maastricht! South Limburg has a beautiful hilly landscape and lovely towns and cities. There are lots of things to see and do, as well as special events to attend.

We have made a list of the best day trips you can go on during your stay in Maastricht. We have divided them into sight-seeing activities, more adventurous activities you can take part in, and events you can attend.

Discover the resort

Discover the beautiful surroundings and attractive towns in the vicinity of Maastricht.

Did you know that you can visit many attractive towns and cities in the surroundings of our resort as well as beautiful places worth seeing? Naturally, you can also go and explore the beautiful hilly landscape of South Limburg! During your stay at our resort, you can go on many daytrips to explore the impressive surroundings.

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Experience the best activities during your stay in Maastricht!

In and around Maastricht, there are many activities that you can do to make your stay unforgettable! Visit the underground cave and tunnel system of Maastricht Underground, play golf at the nearby 27 hole golf course, visit the stunning Hoensbroek Castle or enjoy one of the many other daytrips for both young and old.

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Attend unique events in and around Maastricht

In the vibrant city of Maastricht and its beautiful surroundings, there are many special events for both young and old! There are events for those who enjoy the good life, partygoers, culture lovers and sports enthusiasts. Whatever you like, there is enough to suit all tastes!

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