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Facilities at Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer

The residences in Dormio Berck-sur-Mer resort are suitable for 4 to 12 people. They are all equipped with a spacious living room with a flat screen television, a luxury open kitchen and French doors to the garden with terrace set. The bathrooms have a bath, shower and a toilet. The interior is Mediterranean orientated and the kitchen is fully equipped with, among other things, a combi-oven, refrigerator and a dishwasher.

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Expansion of the resort and facilities

At the moment Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer is being extended with new beach houses and apartments, completely in style with a traditional dune landscape. Each house has a unique location in the dune area. This ensures a natural separation between the homes and a lot of privacy. In addition there will be developed a beach pavilion in the resort with reception, a restaurant and an outdoor swimming pool.


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