Experience the best trips
on the French Opal Coast

Experience the best trips
on the French Opal Coast

Day trips in and around Berck-sur-Mer

  • Stunning landscape and lots of history
  • Great activities for young and old
  • Unforgettable events

There are a number of great day trips to enjoy in and around Berck-sur-Mer! From outdoor activities to exploring the beautiful surroundings and visiting unforgettable events - there is so much to do on the Opal Coast! We have made a list of the best day trips available during your stay at Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer. We have divided them into sight-seeing activities, more adventurous activities you can take part in and events you can attend.

Explore the resort

Admire the beautiful surroundings of Berck-sur-Mer on the Opal Coast

The Opal Coast in France is situated in a stunning area with endless sandy beaches! Enjoy exploring the popular dune landscape, the interesting local history and unique flora and fauna. You will also find typical French towns and beautiful parks on the Opal Coast. There are lots of day trips to choose from if you would like to explore the beautiful surroundings!

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Experience the best activities in and around Berck-sur-Mer during your stay

There is lots to do in and around Berck-sur-Mer! In addition to the many outdoor activities you can take part in on the Opal Coast, including several water and wind sports, you can go seal spotting, visit the Bagatelle theme park, explore the area on a Segway, play golf in the dunes, go karting on an outdoor circuit or visit the indoor swimming-pool. You can choose from the best day trips for young and old on the French Opal Coast.

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Attend unique events in and around Berck-sur-Mer

We highly recommend that you attend one of the unique events during your stay on the French Opal Coast. The events in the surroundings of Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer are suitable for young and old and are truly spectacular. For example, you can go to the colourful kite festival on the sandy beach of Berck-sur-Mer or the most challenging beach race for motorbikes and quads in the world! A perfect day out that will make your stay on the Opal Coast unforgettable!

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