Admire the beautiful surroundings of
Berck-sur-Mer on the stunning Opal Coast

Admire the beautiful surroundings of
Berck-sur-Mer on the stunning Opal Coast

The surroundings of Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer

  • Explore the beautiful French Opal Coast
  • Several beautiful dune landscapes
  • Wide sandy beaches
  • Interesting flora and fauna

Beautiful dune landscapes, ancient woodlands, endless beaches and picturesque villages. You will find them all in the beautiful surroundings of Berck-sur-Mer on the French Opal Coast Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer is the perfect holiday destination for beach fun, beautiful dune walks and horse-riding on the beach! Read more about places to visit in the surroundings below.

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Duinen aan de Franse Opaalkust

Explore the history of this beautiful area

The French Opal Coast is a popular holiday destination! During the wars, this is where the foundations were laid for the liberation of Europe; you will come across many reminders of this. What is also special about Berck-sur-Mer is that this is where two different seas meet: The North Sea and the English Channel. The two together provide a wonderful, sunny - but not too hot - climate. Vast virgin woods, traditional agriculture in the hinterland, endless beaches and small-scale fishing along the coast define the picturesque nature of Berck and the surrounding area.

Explore the stunning Opal Coast and its beautiful surroundings

The undulating hills and the vast natural area with the beautiful beach along the Opal Coast provide the setting of the beautiful surroundings in the French landscape! Here you can savour long walks, and mountain bikers will also have a great time on the Opal Coast. Drive north along the coast to the fashionable seaside town of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. A beautiful walk through Le Touquet will take you to areas of unspoilt natural beauty, luxury residential areas and remote sandy beaches.

Explore Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

Enjoy the cosy town centre of Montreuil

A visit to the fortified town of Montreuil near Berck-sur-Mer is highly recommended! It has a beautiful town centre with old ramparts, a citadel and picturesque streets with churches and beautiful chapels. The citadel was built in the 16th century, on the foundations of a former royal castle from the 13th century. Much of the first part of Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Misérables” is set in Montreuil. The town has a cosy town centre, with an attractive square and friendly restaurant. A wonderful stroll along the ramparts with stunning views is a must-do during your holiday!

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Zeehonden in de baai van de Somme

Visit the Somme Bay

The Somme Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the world! This beautiful bay has an exceptional landscape of cliffs, sand, dunes, pebbles and marshes and endless views of the sea. The coastal current transports the freshwater to the bay. As a result, you can admire more than 300 migratory bird species, seals and other marine wildlife in the amazing habitat of the bay. Make sure you put this on your list of things to do during your stay at Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer!

See hundreds of different bird species in Parc du Marquenterre

Combine your visit to the Somme Bay with seeing up to 320 different bird species in Parc du Marquenterre! You can find an incredible 320 of the 450 bird species that occur in Europe in Parc de Marquenterre. You will find this nature reserve in the middle of the Somme Bay. There are several trails in the nature reserve and observation points from where you can admire the birds without disturbing them. Sandpipers, nightingales, swifts and spoonbills are among the birds you can spot. A great activity in a beautiful area!

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A great day on the beach or something a bit different?

There is lots to do and enjoy in and around Berck-sur-Mer.

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Paardrijden op de Opaalkust
Vuurtoren in Boulogne-sur-Mer

Enjoy fish specialities in Boulogne-sur-Mer

Visit the first major fishing port of France in Boulogne-sur-Mer! In the attractive old town you will find some excellent fish restaurants, where you can eat fish that comes straight from the port. Boulogne-sur-Mer is also the gateway to the regional nature reserve Caps et Marais d’Opale. The villages of Wimereux, Audresselles, Ambleteuse and beautiful Wissant are all situated in the nature reserve. In the vicinity of the Opal Coast you can enjoy authentic fishing villages with historic village centres and cosy restaurants with beautiful sea views!

Admire the Notre-Dame-des-Sables

Admire the Notre-Dame-des-Sables

The Notre-Dame-des-Sables is an impressive church in Berck-sur-Mer; it was opened in 1886 because of the major expansion of this attractive seaside town. The beautiful building consists of three naves. Its architecture is unique for northern France. The timber used is pine, which is reminiscent of the first timber chalets in this charming coastal town. This church was a special place for people who were ill and seaside visitors. They were welcomed by a huge painting of the Virgin standing on a dune, with the setting sun serving as her halo. Other paintings include the Primate of St Peter and the Vision of St Dominique. Both the outside and the inside are worth a visit during your stay!

Visit the Étaples military cemetery

The British military cemetery in Étaples is only a half-an-hour drive from our resort and is the largest cemetery of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in France. The Commonwealth honours and looks after the graves of the men and women who have died in World War 1 and World War 2. It maintains graves distributed among 23,000 locations all over the world. The awe-inspiring cemetery in Étaples contains more than 11,500 graves.

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Discover local specialities on the market

Discover local specialities on the market

Do you like to support local businesses and do you want to sample regional, organic specialities? Visit one of the markets in Berck-sur-Mer. The market stalls offer different colours, smells and flavours.

Rue des Halles has an undercover market on Wednesday and Saturday morning all year round.

At Place Claude Wilquin there is a market each Tuesday, Friday and Sunday morning; on Tuesday and Friday this is an all-food market. Are you going on holiday in Berck in the summer? In July and August the market features even more regional products, and there is an additional market on Thursday evening.