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The surroundings of Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer

Beautiful dune landscapes, ancient forests, endless beaches and picturesque villages. That is the French Opal Coast. The perfect base for beach fun, culture, nature, golf, dune walks and horseback riding!


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Authentic beauty

Dormio Resort Berck sur Mer is located at the 'Le Chemin des Anglais' or 'The road of the English'. Traditionally, many English tourists come to this authentic part of the West-French coast. And in two world wars the foundation was laid for the liberation of Europe. In the beautiful landscape you will encounter many memories of these periodes. Berck is also the place where two seas meet in front of the Opal Coast: the North Sea and the English Channel. Together they provide a sunny, but not too hot, climate. Extensive primeval forests and traditional agriculture in the hinterland; endless beaches and small-scale fishing along the coast determine the picturesque character of Berck and its surroundings.


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The Opal Coast with a spectacular beach

The sloping hills and the vast nature with the spectacular beach along the Opal Coast form the setting for the beautiful French landscape. You will find miles of hiking pleasure here and mountain bikers can also indulge themselves. But á must do' is to drive north along the coast. There you will find the fashionable town of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. A nice walk through Le Touquet takes you along unspoiled nature, luxury residential areas and secluded beaches.


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Surroundings of Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer: visit Montreuil!

Visit the medieval town of Montreuil

About 22 kilometres from Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer lies the charming fortified town of Montreuil. The old town has a lot of unique heritage: from old city walls, a citadel to pittoresque streets with churches and chapels. The citadel was built in the 16th century. The foundations of a former royal castle from the 13th century were used for its construction.


This town is the birthplace of the famous French writer Victor Hugo, the author of Les Miserables. The novel he wrote in 1862, became known to the general public as a musical in 1980. The town of Montreuil has a cozy center with a nice square. Around that square there are many nice restaurants. A lovely walk over the city wall is highly recommended, it is offering you many beautiful views!

Take in the sights at the Bay of Somme

The Bay of Somme is one of the most stunning bays in the world. This idyllic bay boasts exceptional views of cliffs, sand, dunes, pebbles and marsh terraces, with a panoramic view of the sea. Thanks to the coastal current, fresh water is carried into the bay, creating the ideal environment for more than 300 migratory bird species, seals and other marine animals for you to admire. Make sure that this is on your list of places to visit during your stay at Dormio Resort Berck-sur-Mer.

Birdwatching in Parc du Marquenterre

Birdwatching in Parc du Marquenterre

Combine your visit to the Bay of Somme directly with viewing up to 320 different bird species in Parc du Marquenterre!  More than 70% of all European bird species can be admired throughout the year at Parc du Marquenterre. This protected nature reserve can be found in the heart of the Bay of Somme. There are several hiking trails in the nature park and observation points where you can birdwatch in peace. Here, you can spot sandpipers, greylag geese, nightingales, swifts and spoonbills, and many more. A fun activity for young and old.


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Further North lies Boulogne-sur-Mer, the first major fishing port in France. That is still clearly visible. In this cozy old town you will find excellent seafood restaurants. The town of Boulogne-sur-Mer marks the beginning of the regional nature park of Caps et Marais d'Opale. In that park you will find the towns Wimereux, Audresselles and Ambleteuse and the beautiful Wissant. Authentic fishing villages with historic city centers and nice little restaurants with beautiful sea views.


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