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Events in Maastricht

Make your stay at Dormio Resort Maastricht even better by taking part in the many events that are organised in the city. A great experience for young and old alike! Vrijthof, where the events take place, is four kilometres from the resort, which is only ten minutes by bicycle.

André Rieu

Enjoy the traditional summer evening concerts of André Rieu, the Johann Strauss orchestra and the special guest appearances on the romantic square the Vrijthof in Maastricht. The Vrijthof is the largest and most famous square in the city centre of the Limburg capital and makes place every year for the open-air concert hall where Rieu takes care of some unforgettable evenings. A visit to one of the summer evening concerts of Rieu guarantees a magical evening with delightful melodies and endearing moments.

More information and tickets on the official André Rieu website

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André Rieu at Dormio Resort Maastricht
Carnival at Dormio Resort Maastricht


The year of events starts in Maastricht with carnival. Maastricht is the ultimate carnival city of the Netherlands. Carnival in Maastricht, or the way they say it in the Maastricht dialect ‘Vastelaovend in Mestreech’, takes place in February and attracts a large number of visitors every year from Limburg and other parts of the Netherlands. The entire city centre is decorated during carnival with garlands and lighting in the traditional colours red, yellow and green.

Special street carnival
Carnival in Maastricht is different than in the other parts of Limburg. Not only do the people pay more attention to the costumes and the painting of the face, the carnival in Maastricht mainly takes place in the open air. The so-called street carnival is a combination of Rijnland carnival and Burgundian carnival with a number of unique elements, such as the ‘Bónte Störm-parade’ and the street carnival with dozens of ‘Zate Hermeniekes’.

Magical Maastricht

Imagine yourself during the winter months in a winter wonderland at Magical Maastricht. Magical Maastricht is the best-known Christmas market of the Netherlands. The historical centre of Maastricht is entirely marked by Christmas during the months of November and December. More than 750,000 visitors are attracted every year by the Christmas market on the Vrijthof. The Vrijthof is one of the many cosy meeting points filled with winter fun and Christmas atmosphere where a large ice-skating rink, a grand carrousel and a Ferris wheel form the beating heart of Magical Maastricht.

Luminous winter
The city centre of Maastricht is transformed every year into an enchanting winter paradise. The magical activities hit the roof and Maastricht becomes a garland of light whereby beautiful illuminated streets connect the Maastricht squares. Discover the amazing historical city centre and the Burgundian qualities of the catering facilities. More magical atmospheres are to be found in beautifully decorated shop windows that invite you to endless shopping because the shops are open seven days per week. Visitors of Magical Maastricht can enjoy the unique atmosphere Maastricht oozes during this winter period to the fullest.

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Luminous winter at Dormio Resort Maastricht
TEFAF art and antiques fair

Art and antiques fair TEFAF

Every year, the most influential art and antiques fair of Europe is organised for true art connoisseurs: the European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF). TEFAF Maastricht, hosting more than 275 dealers from about 20 countries, features the very best in art. The art fair takes place annually in March in the Maastricht Exhibition & Conference Centre (MECC Maastricht). In 2023 the fair will take place from 11 March to 19 March.


The world's best-known art and antiques fair
TEFAF is also known as the museum where you can buy anything. Apart from traditional art by the old masters, antiques and classical antiquities, which take up about half the fair, TEFAF also offers a selection of modern and contemporary art, photography and jewellery. The items on offer are of a very high quality, as they are inspected by committees of international experts first. The decor is also carefully planned and creates an experience in itself. The art and antiques fair is therefore very popular and is visited annually by many art lovers from fifty different countries.

Stay at Dormio Resort Maastricht

It is only a ten-minute bike ride from Vrijthof to Dormio Resort Maastricht. Would you like to visit one of the popular events in Maastricht? In that case, our resort will be your perfect destination! You will find holiday homes and apartments for two to 20 people at our resort. We look forward to welcoming you!


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